VMAs - Virtual Marketing Assistants

Your very own team of creatives and marketing experts managing your brand, website, social media, and engaging with your audience just the way your in-house marketing team would.

Our virtual marketing assistants are perfect for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking for their own on-demand team, that’s always on-line and always on-time to provide the support they need.

We Offer Cost-Effective, Dedicated, Virtual Marketers and Ongoing Marketing Support.

How It Works

We will pair you with an experienced Virtual Marketing Assistant supported by a team of experts, who will develop knowledge of your business and become an extension of your team.

Whether it’s graphic design, social media, blogging, web design, email marketing, online course creation or new product launch; your marketing virtual assistant will help you get started --- to ensure you reach your goal and objectives.

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Why Should I Hire A Virtual Marketing Assistant From Smart Biz Nation?

Our virtual assistants have the expertise to help businesses of all types to get results from their online marketing activities.

We work with any budget - start-ups, small businesses or one-man bands that don’t yet have the budget to employ their own marketing team. These are the people who find our services particularly beneficial and cost-effective.

The key benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant from Smart Biz Nation include:


  • Helping your business grow

  • Turning big ideas into reality

  • Relieving pressure and allowing you to prioritise

  • Creating and managing your online presence

  • Building brand awareness

  • A consistent flow of leads and sales

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You can go on a vacation - your marketing VA will take good care of your business.

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