Marketing Funnels

We are Marketing (aka Sales) Funnel Experts with experience in creating funnels that will help your business run without you.

We offer a custom-built, all-inclusive Done-For-You marketing funnel package that features everything your need to generate hot leads every day - starting from the initial strategy and planning, to the design and promotion of your funnel, and to complete funnel management.


That means our Marketing Funnel Experts will be With Your Every Step Of The Way! 

We Will Work Directly With Your Company To:

  • Identify the audiences worth targeting at each stage of your funnels,

  • Craft effective, engaging content (digital assets) to help move potential customers through those funnels,

  • Create email follow-ups with a clear action that promotes your brand,

  • Identify the best places to promote your funnels,

  • Refine funnels as needed to keep them lean, efficient, and effective.​​

Our Funnel Building Process

We follow a six step process for all our custom-built funnels, these steps are:

  • Step 1: Strategy Session

We will start by arranging either a face-to-face or online strategy session with our funnel experts who will be working on the creation of your funnel, to discuss your products or services, your target market, and your goals at length, and together devise a strategy we can get started with.


  • Step 2: Funnel Creation


Once we have taken the time to understand the products or services you want to promote, to ensure we deliver the desired outcome. We will get started with the first phase of your funnel, by designing a simple landing page that will have one goal and focus, i.e. to capture the data of your potential customers - turning them into leads.

  • Step 3: Content Asset Creation


Our content marketing and design team will come together to create a downloadable content that will entice the right audience and encourage them to exchange their contact details with you. 

  • Step 4: Email Automation

Our Email Marketing team will then come in to design email nurture sequences with a total of 5 emails that will be sent to these new leads (prospects) with the aim to convert them into paying customers - eventually.

  • Step 5: Funnel Promotion


At this stage, your funnel is ready for testing and for your potential customers to enter, but they have to find it first to enter. This is where our Digital Marketing Managers and Assistants will come in to run both organic and paid advertising on channels that we identified in step 1; to drive people into your funnel.

  • Step 6: Funnel Management


We will offer on-going funnel management to refine your funnel as needed to keep them lean, efficient and effective. We offer frequent redesign of funnels to include new best practices, ongoing campaign tracking, monitoring,  progress reporting.

Get a High-Converting Marketing Funnel Now.


Pricing: SBN 'Done For You' Marketing Funnel Services

We have 3 packs designed for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that are just starting with funnels, already have a funnel, or looking to scale up.


Our Done For You Custom Marketing Funnels are fully automated lead generation systems for your business.


The costs of packs are separated into 3 stages: Funnel Creation, Promotion, and Management.







The Starter Pack is designed for startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that are just starting with funnels and are in the process of discovering how funnels can help them attract buyers consistently.



The Starter Pack Includes:

  • 1 x Opt-in Page To Capture Leads

    • + Copy​

  • 1 x Thank You + Upsell Page

  • 1 x Sales Landing Page

    • + Sales Letter Copy (text + video)

    • + Sales Page A/B Testing

  • 1 x Order Form

  • 1 x OTO (Upsell) Page

    • + Sales Page Copy

  • 1 x Confirmation (thank you) Page

  • 6 x Email Sequence

+ These Bonuses:

  • eCovers Design

  • 1 Lead Magnet

  • Documented Funnel Plan

  • Funnel Builder (Free hosting for 2 months)

  • Tracking Codes Installations

    • ex. Provesource

    • HotJar

    • Facebook Pixel Installation

  • Email System Integration

  • Payment gateway installations

  • 1 Month-Support

    • Updates or Additions made to an Existing Page


Lead time 3-5 weeks

Price For The STARTER PACK: $1500  (NGN450,000)

This starter does not include the cost of setting up your own funnel software including Kajabi, Clickfunnels or Unbounce.

The PRO Pack is designed for businesses that want to build a more sophisticated funnel or to get the most out of their existing funnels. This pack will give you everything your business needs to attract your ideal leads, take them through an amazing nurturing process, eventually getting them to convert



The PRO Plan Includes:

  • 1 x Custom Lead Magnet

  • 2 x Squeeze Page

  • 2 x Thank You

  • 1 x Sales Landing Page

    • 2 x Short Form Sales Copy, or

    • 1 x Long Form Sales Copy

    • + Sales Page A/B Testing

  • 2 x One-Time-Offer (OTO) Pages

    • 1 x Upsell page,

    • 1 x Downsell page,

    • + 2 x Sales Page Copy

  • 1 x Confirmation (thank you) Page

  • 2 x Email Workflow

    • 16 Email Sequences

+ These Bonuses:

  • 30 x Social Media + Ad Graphics

  • 2 x eCover Designs

  • Documented Marketing Strategy

  • Funnel Software Setup

    • or Funnel Builder (Free hosting for 4 months)

  • Tracking Codes Installations

    • HotJar & Provesource

    • Facebook Pixel Installation

  • Email System Integration

  • Payment gateway installations

  • Membership platform integration

  • 3 Months On-going Support (funnel management)

    • Updates or Additions made to an Existing Page


Lead time 6-8 weeks

Price For The PRO PACK: $2500  (NGN600,000)




With the Premium Pack we do all the heavy lifting for you, from building awareness about your business, to creating custom content assets your target audience will be attracted to, to prepping new leads for conversion.

This pack includes everything a growing business needs to stay ahead, and we can have an entire team of business researchers, social media managers, copywriters, graphics and web page designers, and marketing strategists.


The Premium Pack Includes:

  • 2 x Custom Lead Magnet

  • 2 x Squeeze Page

  • 2 x Thank You

  • 2 x Sales Pages

    • + Sales Page A/B Testing

  • 4 x One-Time-Offer (OTO) Pages

    • 2 x Upsell pages,

    • 2 x Downsell pages,

    • + 4 x Sales Page Copy

  • 2 x Confirmation (thank you) pages

  • 4 x Email Workflow

    • 32 Email Sequences

  • 4 x Facebook Ad Copies

  • 8 x Retargeting Ad Copies

+ All Bonuses in the PRO Pack


Price Of Custom Built Marketing Funnel: $5,000 (₦1,000,000)

FREE BONUSES WORTH OVER $2000 (₦560,000)

  • 5 X Long-form Content Assets (1000 - word high quality unique and original (keyword and SEO optimized) blog posts written specifically for your business.)

Worth = $500 (₦200,000)

  • 1 x Social Media Account Marketing + Management for 30 days.

Worth = $150 (₦60,000)

  • 10 x Custom designed graphics for social media that can be shared on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest to grow your social media engagement.

Worth = $100 (₦50,000)

  • 60 days of personalized consulting and support

Worth = $1,000 (₦250,000)

PRICE OF CUSTOM BUILT SALES FUNNEL: $5,000 (₦850,000) + FREE BONUSES: $1750 (₦650,000) = $6,750 (₦1,500,000)


REDUCED SPECIAL PRICE: $5,000 (₦1,000,000)

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