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Coronavirus: What Are People Really Buying Now?

Since coronavirus was declared a pandemic, this has been one of the top questions asked by concerned business owners who do not sell prevention kits or other essential products.

Just before I had clarity on what I am about to share with you, I was also asking myself the same question, because I was concerned about how it will feel and look if we continued selling the way we did just before the pandemic.

I want to help you put your mind at rest by saying that it is okay to keep selling, this is not the time to stop. It’s the time to keep money flowing and circulating.

It is up to us business owners to stimulate the economy, to keep it working by keeping our businesses up and running even though our doors are closed.

For us at SmartBiz Nation, our doors are closed so we can keep our team safe and ready to help; but our marketing services are still up and running for anyone who needs our help and support.

We are doing whatever we can to keep small businesses like yours open too. That means you too can keep your business running and you can continue marketing your business and not worry about looking like an uncaring - insensitive jerk.

However, it’s important you take what’s happening now into account, acknowledge reality, and be sure that they way you sell now or what you sell now truly matters… and it should either make peoples’ lives better now or later when this all ends.

Let’s move on to the question: What Are People Really Buying Amid COVID-19 Outbreak?

Coronavirus: What people are really buying now
What people are really buying amid COVID-19 outbreak

It's no news that people are flocking to supermarkets - panic-buying things like toilet papers. You may have seen tweets, viral videos or heard about people fighting over toilet papers in stores, so yes people are buying toilet rolls now; it just so happens that toilet rolls have become a hot commodity today.

But this post is not about that, this post is about what people are really buying other than tissue papers.

There are two types of items that people are really buying now, they are:

  1. Essentials, and

  2. Non-essentials.

Essentials are those items (or services) that are really needed right now, so things like:

  • Hand Gels (sanitisers) and wash,

  • Antibacterial surface cleaners,

  • Vitamins, and 1-3 months of prescription medications,

  • Oxygen masks, face masks and at-home first aid kit,

  • Home care services for the elderly and disabled people,

  • Feminine care products, and diapers and wipes if you have small children in the household.

  • Water and any consumable goods that people in isolation can’t really live without.

Non-Essentials are basically those things that although we can live without them, we need them to make our experience or time in isolation a bit more bearable. You know like positive distraction.

This is so important because we need to take care of our mental health as well; and people who are taking their mental health into account are buying things like:

  • Home-based workout videos or apps

  • On-demand streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon prime.

  • Virtual learning tools for kids and students, as well as individuals who want to enhance their skills.

  • Entertainment items such as board games, card games, story books - basically family games and activities.

  • and ofcourse, Video conferencing or virtual meeting tools.

Top Tip For You

If you are selling essentials, then you need to keep marketing your products more than ever, because you owe it to your audience to keep sellin. People need what you're selling now more than ever.

If you are selling non-essentials like the ones listed above, and you already have an audience who truly need them right now, keep marketing that too, but not as fast or hard as those marketing essential products.

If you are selling non-essentials that's truly needed right now, make sure your marketing copy takes into account what’s happening right now.

For example: if you are selling home workout videos and you know you have a market for it right now, a compelling - more appropriate copy would include something like:

Get this 20 minutes fun workout routine for the whole family. The kids will love it, and you will never have to worry about finding fun games to keep them active, healthy and entertained at home.

This message takes into account what's happening right now, and it addresses parents' main concerns, which isn't about losing weight for the summer, because nobody knows when this is going to end.

But the immediate concerns of keeping kids happy, active and entertained during this tough times.

Make sure whatever you are selling now essentials or not, truly makes a difference.

I hope you found this post useful. If you have any question please leave it in the comments section below.

If you’d like to keep selling but don’t want to come across as uncaring and insensitive, we can help you write great marketing copy that takes what’s happening now into account, and also speak to those in need of what you’re selling now… whether you’re selling essentials or non-essentials.

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